8 Canva Hacks You Should Know About

Canva has 55M+ active users and you're probably one of them. But did you know these 8 Canva hacks?
Janet Lee
Janet Lee
Jun 2, 2023
8 Canva Hacks You Should Know About

1. You can create a website in Canva 🖥️

1️⃣ create design > website

2️⃣ use a template or create your own

3️⃣ publish as presentation, scrolling, navigation, standard

4️⃣ use free or paid domain

2. Here's how you can add a white outline to your photos in Canva 🙋‍♀️

1️⃣ add image with background removed

2️⃣ shadows > glow > controls

- transparency = 100

- blur = 0

- color = white

- size = choose what you want

3. How to open the rulers in Canva 📏

1️⃣ open a design

2️⃣ file > show rulers / show guides (both checked)

3️⃣ drag from left or top to add a guide

4. Canva has a color palette generator 🎨

1️⃣ go to

2️⃣ generate colors from photos, choose from presets, create your own

5. Some Canva keyboard shortcuts to save you time ⌨️

1️⃣ ctrl + shift + k = uppercase

2️⃣ ctrl + alt + { = move layer forward

3️⃣ r = rectangle , c = circle. l = line, t = textbox

4️⃣ ctrl + '+' or '-' = zoom in and out

5️⃣ ctrl + shift + c = center text

6️⃣ tab = switch text box

6. You can edit PDFs in Canva 🖊️

1️⃣ homepage > create design > import file

2️⃣ choose PDF file, it becomes editable

3️⃣ drag and drop elements

7. How to find photos in Canva based on colors 📸

1️⃣ from left side, select 'photos'

2️⃣ click on the filter icon on top

3️⃣ add or select the color and other filters you want to include

4️⃣ apply filters

8. You can edit videos using Canva 🎬

1️⃣ create design > video

2️⃣ select from templates or start from scratch

3️⃣ upload multiple videos in separate pages to make up a single video

4️⃣ optional: upload background music

By Janet Lee

Janet Lee is an MBA candidate at the UCLA Anderson School of Management on a full-tuition fellowship. She is currently working for TenOneTen Ventures, Visible Hands VC and Tech Coast Angels. Before business school, she started two businesses, a tech-forward real estate brokerage and international trade & logistics company. Her MBA focus is venture capital, for which she was recently awarded the Deutschman Venture Fellowship.

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